August 2nd, 2003


More randomness

I wouldn't have thought that spending 40 minutes outside two days in a row would be enough to give me a sunburn, but i guess it was. At least for the back ot my neck. My arms seem fine, guess that commuter tan is good for something :) My face looked fine i think, though i didn't check too closely.

We've got a milestone on monday, so didn't get to leave work early on friday like normal. Got home about 11:30, and then turned around and left again to drop off some audiobook CDs with Kialyn for her and her boyfriend to listen to on their drive back from the east coast at the end of their trip. Went back home after that and stayed up late reading and playing Advance Wars. I am now happy to say that after an hour or so of playing the final mission over and over and over again, i have finally beaten Advance Wars! Yay!

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