June 9th, 2003


Staying up late getting hot and sweaty

Went home from work yesterday about 7:30. Wasn't quite done with everything i wanted to get done, but i figured i would cut myself some slack since it was sunday :)

Morna wanted to go hang out since Bricriu was busy with work, so i picked her up at her apartment and we went to Chili's for dinner.

Afterwords we bought some donuts and went back to my apartment to watch the begining of Chamber of Secrets, some bits in the middle, and the end. Then we dug up my copy of the book so we could look up how exactly the ending worked originaly. We decided that the diary in the book had to be much smaller than the diary in the movie. We also speculate on who's going to die in the next book, whether Harry will ever actully get good at being a wizard, whether or not Ron and Sirius are going to end up good or bad, what the result of a lawsuit against the Molfoy's would be, and lots of other random stuff.

When i was taking Morna back to her apartment afterwards, i asked her about where the arcades with DDR machines were. She told me where the nearest one was, so i went there after dropping her off.

Got there about 12:15 and they were still open. They had three DDR machines, and one of them was only 25 cents!

They also had the guitar game! *bounce bounce* Unfortunatly it costs 75 cents, and it's in japanese, so the instructions are hard to read. I remember generally how it works, but i was obviously doing parts of it wrong, cause i kept failing miserably at it =P

They also had a Para Para lookalike! Instead of five pads though, there were only two, but you could wave your hands above or below them, so there were four positions. Still fun, but not as fun as the real Para Para.

They closed at one, by which time i'd finished between ten and fifteen DDR songs, three of the para para type songs, and two of the guitar songs =P Also played one game of House of the Evil Dead 2 or whatever it is.
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