May 12th, 2003

happy is demented :) I sent them an order last week, and got a bizare response. Well, first, they sent me a confirmation of the order, which was farily normal except for the From address being "CD Baby loves Donaithnen" and this bit:

"Thanks for your order with CD Baby!

This is just a happy automated email to let you know a real person
will email you as soon as your package is sent, and you will also
receive a paper receipt with your order in the mail."

and then i got the shipping confirmation, which was _really_ strange
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I'm wondering if everyone who orders from them gets the same over the top response, or if there's a different response depending on how much you spend. I spent about $130 this time, so i could see that putting me over the top of some cut-off or other if the second theory was true.
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The game sites are already going nuts with coverage even before E3 starts! has been adding about a story an hour. Five or six new posts since i got in this morning =P on the other hand has added, um, nothing. Lo, how the mighty have fallen.
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