May 9th, 2003


You know the game

Play along at home :)

They got us chinese food for dinner at work tonight. I wandered back into the confrence room a while after finishing the dinner, and found the bag with fortune cookies, and grabbed four of them for myself.

The first one i opened was waaay too appropriate, and they got progressively less so after that. So for a trivial amount of suspense i will relate them in reverse order from the order in which i opened them.

4: "The most direct approach isn't always the best."
3: "Your present plans are going to succeed."
2: I believe it was originally supposed to say "Now is the time to try something new." However part of the end was torn off, so it just says "Now is the time to try something"
1: "Soon, a visitor shall delight you."

*whistles innocently*

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One week!

Okay, technically one week, 17 hours and 47 minutes, but who's counting? Oh wait, that would be me :)

Heather Alexander - The Bow's Turned Back

(after a minute or so long introduction by Heather Alexander)

When the night turns lonely, I think of you only
As I'm rocked on the waves of the storm
Your arms around me, your charms astound me
Your kiss is keeping me warm
I've heard the cry from the crow's nest, high
That we're homeward bound straight and true
Just a few more nights, and I'll see the lights
That will bring me back home to you
Collapse )

Keep a light burnin'
I am returnin'
I'll be home by the three quarter moon,
I'll be in your arms very soon,
With every tall wave that we breach,
I come that much closer to your loving reach


The bow's turned back to my home

Aye the bow's turned back to my home
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I'm the first programmer in the office in this section! Even after intentionally deciding to be late! :)

I got a metric ton of work done yesterday! Yay me! *happies* We finished up the first E3 candidate (which will not be the last E3 candidate, but no one really expected that =) and people started heading home after 2, i left about 2:45 cause i was looking at one last bug.

I was a little lethargic, and didn't feel like getting home super quick, so i tried the minimum lane changing tactic. Went through five and a half freeways with 3 lane changes total from when i got on the 55 to when i got off the 10, and one of those was right at the end because the offramp has a seperate lane. I also experimented with my cruise control and figured out to get it working at a basic level, but that got boring really fast so i turned it off again quickly.

I got home about 3:30, but for some reason wasn't feeling like sleep. Logged on and looked about the net while watching tv for a bit, then read in bead for awhile, and finally fell asleep a little after 5. Got woken up by Caithris calling at... some hour that i can't remember and got to talk to her for awhile, yay! :) Then i fell back asleep till my first alarm went off at 8, killed that and slept till 9 or 9:30.

It was about 10:20 by the time i was up and ready for leave for work, which would have been pleanty of time to get here by 11 most likely, however i decided to stop by the store and stock up on Monster energy drink, and got some vitawater and chewy runts :) and then i decided to stop by Jamba Juice to get some "breakfast."

Got in at 11:30, and neither of the other two programmers this area were in yet :)
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Bad Animenation!

One of the reasons i haven't been buying more actual anime from AnimeNation is because i could buy almost all of it cheaper at However AnimeNation decided to have a clearance sale this weekend, which means the prices on their anime dropped to those of, and past them in some cases. So now it's possible to get both game CDs and anime DVDs for super cheap at the same store. This is not good for my wallet!

I don't really want to talk about how much i just spent =P As my dad has said many times, i saved so much, i'm saving myself into bankruptcy :)

Let's just say that by the time i was done, the $30 extra for second day air rather than standard shipping seemed a pretty trivial amount =P

I _really_ shouldn't place that order at ThinkGeek now, but i want to!
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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is going to be playable at E3!

I find this bit from the interview amusing though "A moment ago I referred to the stones as crystals, but we’re not actually sure if they’ll be referred to as crystals at this point."

Okay guys, you've already decided on the title, it's too late to change your minds now. Besides, "Final Fantasy: Stone Chronicles" sounds pretty stupid :)

I'm also hoping that there will be playable FF: Tactics Advance, and Mario Kart, and F-Zero, and maybe Fire Emblem. However anything after FF:CC is just a bonus :)

I'm sure there are some other non-Nintendo games i want to try out, but my mind has gotten swamped with all the recent Nintendo news, so i can't think of anything else at the moment.

Other than Spawn of course ;)
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