April 30th, 2003



Beware, for when the clock strikes ten, it is the be-trucking hour,
when semis and flatbeds emerge to roam the highways unchecked

Leave at nine or nine-thirty, and the roads are usually fine, leave after 10, and there's 50/50 odds the freeways will be clogged again =P
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Stop paying attention for a day or two, and everyone goes to hell

Well, since all my friends are in hell, i might as well join them :)

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People started leaving mysteriously early yesterday. People were heading out of the office about 7 or 7:30!

I don't know what the mass insanity was, but i decided to partake of it and left early myself :)

Talked to Caithris on the phone for awhile, played some GalCiv, and went to bed about 1:30.

Got up at 8 because had dinner planed with Morna and Allyn. Morna called about 8:20, but when we tried to get ahold of Allyn she said she was too tired, so Morna and i ended up going to Denny's on our own.

Went to work after breakfast and when i got here found an email from my boss saying he was buying tickets for everyone for X-Men 2 during lunch on friday, and said everyone who couldn't make it or didn't want to go should let him no. So i emailed him back and let him know that i was planning on waiting to see it with Caithris when she gets here. He either didn't remember that she was out of town, or wasn't sure when she was arriving, cause he told me that if she could make it he could get her a ticket too, so i told him that she's not getting here till the 16th but thanked him anyways.

People seem to be doing that leaving early again thing, i think i might follow suit, after all, i'll have some extra time to catch up on friday :)
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