April 23rd, 2003


I am confused

Yesterday i checked the UPS tracking website, and it said that they had delivered the second and third packages (the second shipment got split up into two packages cause of the wall scrolls) but there was no information on the first package. I kept checking back, and finally about midnight, it updated and said that the rescheduled delivery date was now the 23rd instead of the 22nd =/

So, this morning i went to the manager's office to get the two UPS packages that had been delivered, and the girl went back into the room where they keep all the packages, and came back with three boxes! (Well, two boxes, and one of those long triangular tubes)

I go back to my apartment, open them up, and sure enough, everything is there! I came into work, and check the webpage, and it still says that they failed to deliver the package on monday, and are going to try again today.

I guess the UPSs person tried my apartment, and when i didn't answer, put the delivery failure notice into his PDA thing, but then went by the office and dropped it off, and forgot to record it!

I wonder how long the computer will keep trying to deliver the ghost package? If i was evil, i'd wait two weeks or so, then call then up about my "missing" package and try to get some insurance money out of them :)

So now i'm listening to the FF Tactics OST, and eating way too much sugar in the form of mini-jaw breakers while i work. :)
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