April 22nd, 2003



I've recieved 1,337 comments in this LJ. My LJ is 1337!

Don't know what happens after the next comment, i'm not entirely sure what 1338 maps to in 1337 5p34|< :)

(Is there a mapping for 'p'? i'm completly failing to figure it out if there is :)
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Got up fairly early on sunday, at least given the time i got to bed :)

Spent awhile hanging out in the living room flipping through tv and working on a project i've been putting off for a couple of years now.

After awhile Morna IMed me, and we decided to get together and hang out for awhile. Well, originally i was just going to borrow Cerulean Sins from her, but she decided she had the time to hang out for awhile too.

Went to Del Taco and had lunch and talked for awhile. Afterwards went back to apartment and got called by Caithris almost immediatly after getting there :)

Spent some more time after that working on project, talked with Caithris some more, and was upset to find that they weren't showing StarGate in teh evening like normal =P Don't know if they canceled the reruns of it, or if it was just cause of Easter. In any, case, went out to In-n-Out to get some dinner and then watched some of Season 1 StarGate on DVD :)

Monday i stayed at work late, and Allyn IMed me about 9:45 asking if i was interested in stopping by to see her. Since some other people had left by that point i figured it would be okay, and then Allyn decided she wanted a snack. We decided on In-n-Out, and then she invited Morna over as well, so i got an order from her.

Actually ended up heading home about 10, and with the trip to In-n-Out included, got to campus about 11. Stopped by East to get Morna who was hanging out with Kialyn, and then went to Allyn's room. We hung out there until about 1:30. I tried to play some GalCiv when i got home, but was too tired and fell asleep =P
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