April 11th, 2003


Okay, I'd like to know...

who drew a smiley face on the passenger side window of my car? :)

It seems to be on the inside, so it has to have been someone who was actually inside the car. It seems kind of an Allyn like thing for someone to do, but i don't really know for sure :)
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Stuff and things

Guess what i got in the mail yesterday! No, guess!

My E3 pass! *bounce!* yayayayayayayayyayayayayayaya!!!

And for some reason i got an email saying that DVDPlanet shipped me my Miyazaki DVDs today! This is really great news, especially given that the DVDs aren't supposed to be released till the 15th =P According to Amazon and Barnes and Noble they're still scheduled for that date and they say if you preorder they'll ship them then, but DVDPlanet.com lists them as "in stock." Guess someone screwed up somewhere along the line? Anyways, i'm not complaining :)

I also just placed a huge order at AnimeNation.com, yay cool stuff! :)

One minor little disturbing thing happened today though. I got a spam email advertising for a product i already own! Almost makes me wonder if i should have bought it in the first place =P
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is so evil!

They're an indie record label. I followed a link to their site of off Slashdot. They said they could recomend music based on your favorite authors. I figured i'd give them a challenge, and put in "Heather Alexander," and it was just a fluke, because they failed with several other artists of her ilk, but in this particular case it spit out a CD by Julia Ecklar, who i've heard before and kind of like! So then i got sucked into playing with the search engine, and now i've got 4 CDs in my cart after some light cruising around the site, and still looking =P

Should _not_ be getting sucked into buying more CDs after the stuff i already bought today =P

They also have quirky things like lists of CDs to have sex to and CDs with naked people on the covers :)
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