March 29th, 2003


Random quotes

"Ohh! The gutter! Let's go plunging!

"She doesn't have her clothes most of the time, because she's more cuddly without them."
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I was planning that after getting three or four hours of sleep thursday night, that firday night i would get to bed at a fairly reasonable time.

Then i started playing GalCiv =P

I got pretty far into it, and looked at the time, and it 12:30, i think. Then i got sucked in. This game went much better, although I didn't figure out until the end that Starbases are _really_ important in your home quadrants. I'd thought they were just important for claiming resources. I finally achieved cultural domination over the rest of the galaxy, and then looked at the clock, and it was about 4:30 or 5:00 =P

Despite getting to bed at 5, i actually manged to get up at 10 because i was planning on having lunch with Allyn. Caithris called and we talked for awhile, and then i hopped in the shower. Unfortunatly Allyn got her lunch break before i was expecting, and couldn't get ahold of me =/ I got out of the shower and waited for a bit for her to call, and then gave her a call at work and found out it was too late to go to lunch :( The silver lining is that this new lunch time will be a regular thing rather than the randomness that it was before, so i can actually make plans involving it :)

Since i couldn't have lunch with Allyn, i decided to go to the mall before i went to work, and see if i could get a Gameboy SP. Morna was working, so i waved hi to her on my way to GameStop, and when i got there found out there were _still_ sold out, and their shipment for next week is already reserved =P I looked around at games for a bit, and then headed back out. On the way i ran into Morna, who was just starting her lunch break, so i ended up having lunch with her instead of Allyn.

Came into work, and things have been slow. I had a few changes to make to my boss, but that's about it. I vaguely worry that some other people seem to have more work than i do, but i talked to my boss, and he couldn't think of anything else i needed to do for the milestone.

So after finishing up the stuff i needed to do, i've been playing more GalCiv and talking to Caithris :)
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