March 28th, 2003


Last one out and First one in

Apparently i _can_ do the getting up early and coming into work thing. It's just that if i'm going to do it i seem to need to do it on three or four hours of sleep. Six or seven hours just doesn't work. Why is three or four hours fine, and eight hours is fine, but inbetween it gets a bit muddy?

For that matter, why do i feel infinitely better after three and a half hours of sleep than i normally do after seven or eight?

In any case, 5:50 was still a little too late to get light traffic, took me about 50 minutes to get to work again. Both times i've done this recently i hit snooze for almost exactly 45 minutes, so maybe i can plan better for that next time.

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I had "Dear Friends," the FF5 arranged CD, on repeat in my car for two and a half days or so, now i've been listening to Meg Davis' "By the Sword" cd playing for a day and a half. I've got the songs stuck in my head now of course, and i'm wondering if i should go down to my car and listen to it at work as well :)
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This would be the thousandth and oneth entry in my LJ. I'll just pretend that I'm commenting on 1,001 instead of 1,000 for numerically symbolic reasons or somesuch, and not cause i just noticed now after already posting #1,000 :)

Played some GalCiv for lunch (well, first i tried talking to Caithris on the phone, but after about ten minutes either the calling card or the cell phone started being wonky =P ) and i'm doing much better this time :) Didn't take out any loans four science ships, and instead built lots of colony ships. It certainly helps that i started in a much better area of the galaxy this time :)

I've now got a fair portion of the galaxy colonized, a huge amount of tech, and, um, runaway debt =P At least this time i'm _barely_ keeping abouve the -500 billion mark, and i just made some massive spending cuts and bumped up taxes, hopefully it will be enough.
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