March 26th, 2003



Galactic Civilizations comes out today!

It looks a lot better than Moo3. I was looking on their website, and they specifically described features that i had previously said would have been wonderful to have in Moo3. Of course, some of those features were present in Moo2, so i don't know what the hell Quicksilver was thinking. GalCiv looks like it also has much better text than Moo3, both more realistic and more humorous :) I hope i won't be disapointed by GalCiv too :)

I also got my copy of Zelda yesterday, which I'm expecting to be disapointed by. I wasn't very happy with the gameplay of Zelda:TOoT, and the new Zelda seems to have the exact same gameplay style, along with an art style i'm not entirely fond of. But i'll try it out and see how it goes. (After i finish Metroid Prime, and Metroid Fusion, and Tactics Ogre, and FF9, etc =)

I tried to get a Gameboy SP yesterday when i got Zelda, but they were out :( Maybe i should get the Link to the Past remake when i finally get an SP. I wish they'd make another console Zelda game like that =/

"Well you see... it's like this: When we attacked you we were kind of, you know... hoping you'd die. But it seems you're now wiping the galactic floor with us so we were wondering if we could grovel for terms of peace?"
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