February 24th, 2003



This is not my month for cars.

Thursday night i left work about 9 and went out to my car, and it didn't start.

Turned the key, no sound, not even an attempt to turn over, nothing. I looked in the engine, and didn't see anything wrong.

I went back into the office and looked up the address of the place i normally take my car to for checkups, and while i was doing that Morna coincidentally called so i talked to her about what had happened a little bit. Then i went back out to the car and called AAA. The tow-truck person showed up in about a half hour, though he circled twice without seeing me before he finally figured out where i was. He took a look at the engine, then asked me to try starting it, then he hit part of it with a hammer some, and asked me to try starting it again, still nothing.

He finally decided that it was the starter, and since his tow-truck wasn't big enough to haul my car, he decided we should push start it. The first attempt didn't work so well because i don't know how to pop the clutch. So for the second attempt he tried to start it while pushed. The second time didn't work, but the third time did. Then i managed to kill it shifting gears because i was so tired from pushing the car so much and was stupid =P

So we had to push start it _again_. I gave the person a $10 tip to try and make up for me screwing up like that. I then drove the car down to the autorepair place. However the autoshop didn't open till eight the next morning, and it was somewhere between 5 and 10 miles back to work. I thought about trying to call a cab, except that i don't know the number to call and didn't know where a nearby public phonebooth was so i could look it up. I also wasn't sure i wanted to deal with getting a cab ride to work, then having to get the autoshop people to give me a ride back to their place in the morning so i could give them the key.

I ended up deciding just to crash in the car. Luckily the bags of stuff from my old car were still in my new car, and in them were two t-shirts from the Rush concert, so i had something to put on top of me to keep warm. I kept waking up during the night, although i think i might have slept soldily for the last three hours.

In the morning i asked them to take a look at it, and they shuttled me back to work. They called me up a few hours later and said that the starter had gotten out of whack and needed to be "adjusted." This was good news in that it meant that instead of $250 for a new starter, i only had to pay $69 for labor. They also said my dome light (which i'd also asked them to look at) was melted, and a new one would also be $69 and would show up next week if i wanted to order it, which i said i did. The other good news was that they'd looked at the rest of the engine, and they said everything else looked good.
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This is _really_ annoying

I'm feeling mostly better now, a little snuffly, and have a slight sore throat.

And nothing tastes or smells right.

I've never had this happen when i'm sick before as far as i can remember, but everything tastes and smells like it has an overtone of bitterness or sourness or something. I can't even recognize my own scent anymore, which is really kind of disturbing. I'm not sure what's causing it, but i hope it goes away soon.

It first started cropping up noticeable saturday night i think. I went to Rahvina and Sarisa's place for clubbing, but Rahvina was sick too, so we decided to just get some dinner and play video games instead. The food at Denny's tasted kind of odd, and i figured it was probably cause i was sick. Then when i woke up sunday morning everything smelled weird too.

I want to be able to taste food normally and smell things normally and smell like myself again =P
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