January 29th, 2003


Random bits

Apparently i manged to forget that Eminem existed, unfortunatly i remembered again. I was listening to the radio on the way home last night (after some idiot tried to merge into my car =P) and heard the announcer say something about a song by "M&M," and i though, "M&M? The same as the candy? I didn't know there was a band named that." Then the song started, and i thought "Oh! Him!" < gag and switch radio stations>

I'm annoyed with Star. Back in November or so KMXN (the independent radio station i really liked that went defunt :( ) sarted playing a cool song that i liked. Now, about three months later, Star (one of the annoying Clear Channel stations) just started playing the song, and they are refering to it as "new Star music."

Another not so annoying but very ammusing media think i've noticed is some car commercial i've seen on tv a couple times lately. They show the car traveling through some uncharted wilderness that looked like it was in Alaska or Norway or Iceland or something. The shots varried from it following a vague path in the snow, to completly unmarked terrain like the beach and stuff. Only one or two of the scenes featured anything even resembling a road. However at the bottom was the warning "Proffesional driver. Closed course." Which i suppose could be technically true in some sense, but just sounds really funny given the situation :)
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