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How is this supposed to make me feel any better?

Apparently the security at airports are got a C average on the latest federal security test according to this article, and as usual i love being nitpicky.

The Department of Transportation spokesman whan "asked if pasengers should be worried in the months before federal screeners are in place, Alcivar said, "They should know we're not ever satisfied with the level of aviation security. Passengers should be assured about that." Well although as usual this is probably blown way out of proportion, but perhaps if the security at airports is failing to catch weapons _25% of the time_ you have reason to not be satisfied, and i'm not very reassured by it!

"He added, "Our airports are safer," pointing to an increase in the number of bags screened, the fact that bags are now matched with their owners on flights and that cockpit doors have been strengthened. "

I'm supposed to feel better because people will have their baggage with them on the flight? Let's see, all of this worrying is because we're afraid of people who are _suicidal_, _hikackers_ or both. Which means that if their lugage was in any way relevant it would be because it contained a bomb that they wished to detonate, or a weapon they wished to use in the hijacking! Given that, i would actually prefer that their luggage be as damn far away from them as is possible!

Now it's unlikely that it would matter much in any event because the luggage will be down in the cargo hold. However making sure the luggage goes with the person just makes sure that the _suicidal_ terrorist dies too, whoop de doo. On the other hand seperating the two might prevent some elaborate scheme involving a terrorist, a lighter, and his explosive suitcase

For that matter, the primary way these terrorists get recruited is that they're told that if they die as a martyr they rise to the right hand of god or something like that. So making sure the luggage goes on a different plane would be a deterrent! These guys want to die as martyrs, not spend the rest of their lives in prison.

*sigh* i'm just tired of these constant "fixes" that don't solve anything, and that don't even address the original problem.

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