November 6th, 2002



There are times i really hate this stupid country, or rather about 60% of the people in it =P

At least none of the key loses was in california, despite some scary flip-flopping in the Govenor's race last night, so i don't need to feel critically stupid about not having registered to vote in time. Ironically there was a measure up for vote this time that would have allowed people to register at the polls, but it failed about 60% to 40%. I can't figure out why people voted against it, ti would have allowed registering the day of the election, increased penalties for voter fraud, and would only have caost about $6 million. Given the cost of some of the things that got approved i can't figure out why this one failed.

The other big thing that failed (besides the two secession measures) was a measure to spend some of the income tax on getting new school busses and fixing up the roads. What i find ironic/annoying, is that one of the many thigns that Simon (the Republican govenor candidate) blamed Davis (the democratic incumbant) for was the increasing congestion in LA. I know the issue is more complicated than that, and it that besides, it's really silly to get annoyed at political ads which are 90% lies and slatned truth anyways, but how the hell does he get off blaming the govenor for bad traffic when the public won't even approve funding to improve the roads?

I hadn't realized that Nevada had a proposition to legalize marijuana, i suppose they get a litle bit of kudos for that. However nowhere near the amount of negative karma they get for voting no to that, and then voting yes to a "ban same sex marriages" proposition *grrrrrr*

So anyway, i'm not sure if i should wish for minimum damage from the republican controlled everything, or if i should hope that they hang themselves with all the rope they've been given. It's kind of a baby and bathwater problem. Of course the way things go, the economy will pick up again, the way economies tend to do after they slow down, and the republicans will get credit for it despite having done nothing usefull =P

And in the trivial news, i'm hungry. I'm out of Balance bars, the vending machine is out of Balance bars, and the basket of free oatmeal in the lunch room is empty. No healthy food for me to eat :( Guess i'll have to get some M&Ms or something.
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I took the new D&D character test, Collapse )

I think i will try again later and see if anything chnages.
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And i forgot to mention...

My laptop totally died monday night :(

I was talking to my girlfriend on IM, and the screen suddenly flickered and went black and the power turned off. At first i didn't think it was anything _that_ important, because it has sometimes randomly crashed before, but every time before it immediatly started rebooting again.

I pressed the power button, and nothing happened. I held the power button down, nothing happened. I poked at it repeatedly, nothing happened. I shook the computer, nothing happened. I tried pulling the battery out and putting it back in again, nothing happened. Nothing would make it turn on again, and i don't have the faintest idea what the problem is.

Luckily i got the extended warranty from Best Buy, so they'll hopefully fix it for me. Now i just need to find the time to take it in.
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How weird

This is ironic, from GameForms: "Acclaim has officially stated that the PlayStation 2 version of BMX XXX will be censored for release. The PS2 version is the only one that will have the topless nudity edited out, while the Gamecube and Xbox versions will remain uncensored."

The censored bit isn't too suprising, but the fact that it's censored for the PS2 and _not_ for Nintendo is amazing. Sarisa wouldn't even believe me the first time i told him it was coming out on GameCube :)

I'm kind of tempted to get a copy out of support for mature titles on the GameCube :) Of course i said the same thing about Conker's Bad Fur Day, and never did that =P

Oh, in other such news, at the last meeting at work we were reminded that we've been given the go-ahead for a Mature ranking for the new game, and that we intend to make full use it. We've currently got someone working on "blood effects" :)
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