November 1st, 2002



I got home and talked to my girlfriend and Rahvina on the net for awhile, but started thinking that it was kind of pathetic to be sitting around doing nothing on Halloween, so i decided to go out to a movie. Of course i kind of ruined the whole effect by not going to a scary movie, but hey, nobody's perfect, at least i was doing _something_ :)

After talking about it with Caithris and Morna i decided to go see Tuck Everlasting. I left the apartment ten minutes before the movie started, but still managed to get there and get into the theater less than five minutes after it "started", so of coruse they were in the middle of previews. I walked in on the middle of the Harry Potter trailer, which i find it kind of hard to get excited about. For both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter the trailers for the second movie don't seem to generate much excitement, at least compared to the trailers for the first movie of each. I mean, they're both movies about books i've already read, they're both the second movie in the set, so i already have a pretty good idea about the look and feel for them.There isn't _that_ much new stuff to entice me. I'll be quite happy to see the movies themselves though :)

I also saw a preview for Treasure Island! It _looks_ pretty cool, lots of flying ships and things! Maybe Miyazaki has rubbed off a little bit on Disney and done some good, although i still think Disney needs to burn in hell for getting the rights to Miyazaki's movies and locking them up for all eternity =P

Now i just need to catch a preview for Solaris :)

Oh, and i was also the only person in the theatre, i sometimes wonder how theatres make money, but i guess i'm always just going at unpopular times.

Tuck Everlasting was good, my only problem was with the ending, which i thought was dumb =P That and that they gave away the "secret" in the first few minutes of the movie, not that i hadn't been guessing something in the general ballpark of the truth beforehand just from the name and the commercials. Hmmm, girl wanders off into the woods, meets strange young man, name of Tuck, rhymes with Puck, hmmmmm :)

But despite that it was still good. The actress portraying the girl did a really good job of flipping back and forth from seeming like a young woman and seeming like an older child.

So i managed to get out of the house and get _something_ done, even if it was something non-productive. For my next task i think i should try to make myself get some FF9 done before i play anymore Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 :)
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Shopping, or not

I decided to take a late lunch and went down to the Irvine Spectrum to look at the Hot Topic there. Unfortunatly they didn't have any of the stuff on my girlfriend's list, and didn't have most of the stuff on my list. :(

I got a yummy cinamon and frosting pretzel from soem pretzel place and a strange pumpking flavored jamba juice since i was down there anyways, and then got stuck in traffic on the way back. =P

I'm thinking about stopping by the one in Brea on the way home, but i already feel a little guilty about leaving early to see Firefly, and i'd have to leave even earlier to stop by the mall on the way back.
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Yay! Firefly!

Firefly is cool, everyone who can watch it should :)

John Doe is pretty good too, so if you don't have anything better to do friday night, there's a way to kill two hours pretty easy :)
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