October 25th, 2002


It's raining! It's raining! It's raining!

There's rain outside!!

I was thinking that this morning was a really nice morning, cause the sky was all cloudy and grey and stuff. When i was going through the 57-60 merger/exchange i could almost iamgine i was back home in washington as long as i only looked to the left where everything was mostly green. Then i got into orange county and the grey sky got a kind of brownish tinge to it =P

I ran out of balance bars today, and i'm probably going to be working late, so i decided to go out to del taco get myself some food. As i was walking outside i though, what's that sound? It sounds really familiar! Almost like.... it couldn't be.... it is!!! It's raining!!!

*bounce bounce bounce!*

rain!! :)

So now i have food _and_ rain! And i'm wet! At least for a little bit since it's fairly warm in here and i'll dry out fast. =P And the rain is outside. =P But now that i realize it's there i can look out the window and see it :)
  • Current Music
    The Rainbow Brite music with just the word "Rain" repeated over and over again for lyrics :)