October 16th, 2002


Stupid sleep

Yay! Have energy back! Or at least i did last night. Then i proceeded to play Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII untill 12:30 =P I got apointed as prefect to a teritory! And i got my rank up to River! But apparently i wasn't doing a good enough job as a River so i got downgraded to a Defense :) Then my Liege moved the only decent War person in my teritory to somewhere else, and then a few turns later requested that i send reinforcements. Needless to say it went badly and i figured that was a good excuse to quit.

I figured i should have some dinner at that point. However i'd promised myself i'd do at least a little exercise before eating anything. I'm a total whimp. My arms should _not_ feel like they're about to fall off after doing just 30 pushups =P I made a microwave dinner and after i finished it went to bed and then stupidly read until about 4 or 4:30 in the morning. Almost done with the new Anita Blake book now though! :)

*sigh* If i could just get away without sleeping somehow i would actually feel like i have enough time in my life.
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What's going on in Romania these days?

Just doing my normal weekly scan of Ananova's news of the weird, and it seems there must be a pack of roving reporters in Romania just waiting for anything even remotely newsworthy to happen. After the fourth or fifth story from that area i started really wondering. It's a UK paper, so it's not quite as unusual as if they were all from a US news source, but it's still a really strange preponderance of Romanian stories over the last week:

Woman, 74, dies during sex with young lover in Romania.
Woman cuts partner's penis after oral sex demands in Romania.
Sex theme park doubles village birth rate in Romania.
Romanian city tries to sell nuisance bears on the internet
2,000 bodies found underneath family home in Romania
Village school sets tough test for would-be cleaners in Romania
Jesus and Mary knickers spark outrage in Romania
Insurers refuse payments to pensioner obsessed with car crashes in Romania
Sweet smelling body of dead priest unearthed in Romania
Romanian sick of democracy applies for asylum in Iraq

And of course there's also been the on again off again news about the Dracula theme park.

Hmmm, i tried to upload this with Semagic several hours ago, but it couldn't contact the server. Let's try the web client.
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