October 3rd, 2002


New client!

Since i had to do lots of instally stuff on my computer anyways, i figured i'd try out the Semagic LJ client since it's been recomended to me by multiple people who should know what they're talking about :)

My sore throat seems to be following the exact same course of the sore throats i often get when flying on airplanes. First my throat feels kind of raw and scratchy, then a for a day or two after that it feels sore, and then my nose gets drippy for a day or two, then it gets completly stuffed up for awhile.

My nose was stuffed up most of yesterday, and as i was getting ready to go home i felt a headache starting. I was annoyed enough at this that i actually took some ibuprofin (which those who know me know is an excedingly rare thing for me to do =)

I don't know if it was the drugs, the loud music, or the attempted biofeedback, but i was feeling pretty good about halfway home. Then the radio ran out of good music, and my nose started clogging up again, although luckily the headache didn't come back.

I stopped by Claremont Village to get some dinner, and found out that not only is the Indian place open till 9, the pizza place is open till 10!!!! This is the pizza place that makes yummy Bianca Pizza!!! :) So now i have two new yummy places that i can get food at late!

I decided to go to the Indian place since it was before nine, and i was feeling kind of hungry for that anyways. I took it home and ate while watching tv and hanging around the web, then talked to my girlfriend on the phone for a bit and then fell asleep early. For some reason the past few days i keep waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning, and again at 8. But other than that, i slept in till nine this morning, and then read some more of Royal Assassin before heading to work.