October 2nd, 2002



Apparently i was being psychic yesterday :) My throat was being kind of sore, so i decided to try drinking some tea, since i've heard that's supposed to help such things. Then i started talking to Caithris and her immediate response was to tell me to drink some tea :)

The more interesting coincidence was that as i was getting ready to leave for work yesterday morning, i had a strange desire to bring my book along. But i figured that would be silly, cause i wouldn't have any time to read it.

So then i find out my computer is getting swapped =P

The transfering files from one to the other was okay, cause i could talk on IM and check webpages while i did it. Then the IT guy needed to swap out some of the components that weren't getting upgraded, sit around for fiteen minutes doing nothing while that happens.

Then i got my computer back, but i needed to install all kinds of windows updates, there were three or four of them, and each took five or so minutes to do, and then required a reboot. During the last of these i finally got fed up with having nothing to do, and remembered that i still had a beat up copy of Guilty Pleasures in my car, so i went down to my car and brought it back.

Good thing, becuase the next on the list of programs to install was Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. 45 minute install =P Last time i'd been reading Guilty Pleasures under similar circumstances i'd gotten to about page 20. I finished off at 95 or so by the time that was done installing.

Then i tried to install Source Safe, and found out i didn't have the right disk for that. Then i installed PerForce and found out that i couldn't use it cause they'd changed the name of my computer. Then i found out that MVS .NET wouldn't work with some of the projects i needed it to, and i needed MVS 6.0 as well, which is kind of a relief because the .NET version seems like a piece of crap.

All of these problems could have been fixed pretty easily, except that the IT people had already gone home =P

The one bright spot in it all, it is currently impossible for me to do any kind of work on my computer, but Battlefield 1942 works now. Probably not quite the transition they had in mind :)

This morning i figured i would bring Royal Asasssin with me since i need to install MVS 6.0, i even had it in my hand, but then i turned around to do something or other and must have set it down, because next time i thought about it i was in my car and a block or three down the street and had no clue where it was =P Oh well, still got Guilty Pleasures here.
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