September 23rd, 2002


That might explain it...

While i was driving to LA last night, i wondered why for the first ten minutes or so i saw a very light rain of ash falling out of the sky. I only saw one flake of ash every ten or fifteen seconds (more like a minute or so towards the end of the area) but that's still quite a bit of ash to be randomly falling out of the sky.

So this morning i get up, and look out the window, and there's a big pillar of smoke. I went up to foothill before driving over to Garey to get on the freeway (onramp for Towne is closed, so that's not really going out of my way much) and there was a really wide column of smoke coming out of the hills to the north, expanding up into a big flat layer of smoke in the sky. That was impressive enough, but further to the west was a _huge_ layer of smoke that seemed to be from a different source.

So later on the radio i heard that there's a big fire north of Glendora. Not _really_ big, but about 150 acres according to CNN. Certainly enough to explain all the smoke to the west, and the smaller fire was probably responsible for the ash i saw, unless the wind was more westerly last night and the ash from Glendora was getting that far.

Sunday and clubbing

I managed to stay up till about nine am saturday night/sunday morning before totally conking out. I didn't really accomplish anything usefull though =P

I talked to people on IRC some, until they started getting quiet. A got a bit further in Assassin't Apprentice, but not very cause i kept getting distracted by other stuff. Among other things, playing the PC game i ordered from CheapAss games (Adventures in Infinite Space or something like that.) It's a fun game, but kind of limited. They mentioned that each game takes ten or so minutes, which is accurate (assuming you don't manage to get yourself killed right off the bat of course =) However i kind of wish they had the option to make the map larger. It would be nice if there were an advanced version of the game with more stars, more items, and a little less randomness. As it is if the trader (who is always near where you start) has good items, you can kick ass easily right from the start and breeze through the entire thing.

Of course it was once i finally stopped doing everything else and mostly tried to concentrate on reading that i fell asleep. =P I woke up at about 3:15, and spent a few hours talking to my girlfriend on the phone and talked with people online for a little bit. Rahvina wanted me to come out and visit her in LA (Sarisa is stuck in crunch time at the moment, poor him) but unfortunatly i got kind of a late start on that. I headed out to LA about 7:30, and got there about 8:30. We went to dinner at Burger King at my prompting (yay double cheeseburgers!) but she can't complain too much since i bought dinner :) After that we played some games of Brawl until Sarisa got home, and then we went to the store because Rahvina and Sarisa needed to get mile, and then we sat around and talked for a bit.

Oh! And there was a special on Rush on KLOS! I convinced Rahvina to turn it on while we were hanging out. Along with lots of Rush music there was also an ongoing interview with Alex and Geddy. I'm wondering why Neil wasn't there for it though.

Rahvina thought about going clubbing with me, but she had stuff to do early this morning, so she decided not to go. I left about 11:45 and got to the club about 12:10.

Rahvina asked me to go check out the back room and report to her on the show since she's supposed to be doing research and stuff, so here it is: :)

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The hills are alive!

With the, um, er, sight of bright orange shiney things?

Holy fucking _shit_ that is a lot of fire!

Just goes to reafirm that things in real life are a lot more impressive than they are on tv. Even if it's a "small" fire of 150 acres, it's kind of pretty, in an apocalyptic type of way, and definitely impressive to come over the crest of a hill and see an entire ridgeline in flames ahead of you. It wasn't sold fire, but long segments scattered all over on quite a number of hills, several of which were just a hill or two away from the freeway.

Traffic was going really slowly at this point, and had been for awhile. I don't know if the fires had anything to do with it or not. After going past a couple of the fires there was another on the hills above the 57-10 interchange. The ridge above the 10 was on fire, and the 10 was _totally_ stalled, with the backup going up the onramp and back onto the 57. I don't know if the traffic was related to the fire paralleling the freeway or not, because i decided to go around it.

Of course that took me up into the hills past the fire by the 10, and there was a whole nother set of fires on the next ridge. The 210 parallels that ridge, so i drove along them for awhile, close enough i could see the individual columns of flame pretty easily.

By the time i got into Pomona i was mostly past the flames, but that was at the point that i saw the moon rising ahead of me, and it was _red_! When i pulled in the parking lot and got out of the car, i saw flakes of ash scattered on the ground, and then i looked up and could see a very light snow of ash coming down.

I think i left work between 7 and 7:15. I started getting stuck in solid traffic about 7:45. Got home about 8:30 or 8:40, so about an hour and a half to get home compared to the normal 35 - 45 minutes.

Hmmm, and i've got the news on now, apparently it's up to 4000 acres now, grown quite a bit over the day and evening.

The good news though, especially for Allyn, is that no buildings have burnt down yet :)
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