September 4th, 2002


Um, WTF?

Video games are apparently illegal in Greece

Apparently there was a badly designed law meant to prevent illegal gambling by outlawing slot machines and other electronic gambling games.

When the opposition pointed out that it would be tricky to describe in the law the difference between a gambling game and a normal game, they said ok, and banned _all_ games.
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So maybe the nuttiness in Greece has to be karmically balanced by some kind of opposite nuttiness somewhere else?

It's probably pretty unlikely that it would go through, but if it did i wonder if there would be any domino effect in the US? I would imagine that a large amount of pot would manage to seep through the border into the northern states, and if there was more usage in the northern states, and canada did fairly well with the legalization, there might be more pressure for legalization down here.
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