September 2nd, 2002



When Shawkial left she gave me the info for the dialup Earthlink account so i would have some kind of net access, and she said that it would go away after the third, which i thought was kind of strange at the time.

Well i was correct in thinking it sounded odd it turns out, cause when i tried to log on late saturday night (technically sunday morning) the account was no longer active. So i'm without internet access at home at the moment :(

The only reason i can make this post now is cause Rhavina and Sarisa came over to my place on saturday and hung out there, and i drove them back to their apartment today so we could go clubbing, and they were kind enough to let me use their connection.
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Rhavina and Sarisa went to bed, but i'm not quite ready to fall asleep yet, so i stole their computer again to make another post :)

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We wanted to try out a new club called "Kink," which apparently involves a lot of the same people as Dungeon, and is taking over Dungeon's old sunday night spot.

Unfortunatly Sarisa was feeling tired and not too great, so he decided to stay home.

Rhavina and i managed to find the club fairly easily. It has three rooms, the first one has the main bar and dancefloor. The second one has another bar, a pool table, and lots of tables. The room in back has the stage show. I'd been given the impression that Kink was supposed to be a lot more intense than Dungeon, and the stage shows did seem a little more involved, but not to the degree that i had expected. However Rhavina said she'd seen pictures from earlier stage shows that were more in line with what i was thinking. She thought that it was probably a bit tame cause it was labor day weekend and a lot of the regulars may have been elsewhere.

The music was pretty good, and i did a lot of dancing. There were a lot of cute girls there, and as usual a lot of them were wearing black tank tops *frustrated me* I actually recognized some of the people. Some i specifically recognized from Dungeon, other's i wasn't sure which club i might have seen them at before, but was fairly sure that i'd seen them somewhere.

As usual no one other than Rhavina paid any attention to me. However i did get to have a backrub from Rhavina while a girl was tortured/pleasured into an orgasm on stage, which wasn't exactly something i'd thought to put on my to-do list for the weekend :)

Towards the end of the night Rhavina got hit on by some random guy who coincidentally happened to be interested in music, so the two of them spent some time talking even after Rhavina told him she was already taken. Actually he saw her collar and asked her if she was owned, so in the interest of killing the come-ons quickly, she told him that Sarisa was her Dom, and that i was her "keeper" for the evening :)

I'm wondering if i should go without a collar next time i go clubbing. I'm not sure what the base assumption about people with collars is. This guy asked her if the collar meant she was already owned, but she said that other times people have asked if the collar meant she needed a Dom. I'd be perfectly happy to get the second request, and would like to avoid people thinking the first.

Of course it doesn't really matter which they think since no one seems to notice me enough to even start questioning it in the first place. I'm thinking that i really need to pull any karmic favors i can and get myself reincarnated as a girl next time around. Yeah, there are problems with being a girl, but it would be really nice to get noticed for a change.

I should really get to sleep now. Too bad i'm probably going to fall unconscious just shortly before the people i want to talk to on the east coast start getting up =/
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