August 31st, 2002



I spent two or three hours tonight getting hot and sweaty with one of the cutest girls in california.

Unfortunatly for me, it was Vanora, and the hot and sweaty part was from helping her move lots of boxes and furniture from her old apartment to her new dorm room.

I drove over to her place to pick her up and take her back here so she could claim Shawkial's car. She was wearing medium tight jeans, birks, and a black tanktop *melt* there are not many ways in which that perfection could be improved upon.

I followed her in my car and we parked by her dorm room. Unfortunatly we ran into a friend of hers, who voluntered to help out. Even though it would have taken twice as long i would have prefered to get to spend the time alone with Vanora.

So the big question of the night is, how much of a geek am i that seeing all the science fiction and fantasy books Vanora had in the boxes she was taping up redoubled my desire to grab her and kiss her and damn the consequences?

Despite that desire i managed to show some restraint and not get myself slapped. The most foolish thing i did was ask her if she wanted a backrub after we finished moving stuff and i was about to head home. Of course she said no.

Vanora is planning on moving some more stuff tomorrow, but i'll probably be busy then, which may be just as well.

I'm so fucking tired of this. I'm so fucking tired of being attracted to girls who are out of my leagues. I'm so fucking tired of knowing that any of the girls i've been interested in could, if they so desired, get the attention of a dozen guys all more interesting and attractive than me just by snapping their fingers.
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