August 18th, 2002




First part of today was hectic.

Went to sleep at about 7 or 8 this morning, and got up at 10:30.

Started doing laundry, and was going to take a shower when i put the clothes in the dryer, but Morna IMed me and said she was interested in hanging out. I hadn't gotten to see her in a really long time, so i jumped at the chance. I told Sarisa that i would be late getting out to LA to visit him and Rhavina, but he said it was ok.

Spent an hour and a half hanging out with Morna, talked bout lots of stuff.

When i got back home, the laundry was still wet. So i went back to my original plan and ran it through a second dryer cycle while i took a shower.

After that i stopped at a record store in downtown Pomona to get a ticket for a rave that was going on tonight. I thought i would be even later getting out to LA than the revised plan, but traffic was good, and i got there about 4:40, right in the time bracket i'd told them.

We spent five or six hours playing Mage campaign. Only a little bit of exciting stuff happened, and that all at the end. Then i changed clothes while Sarisa and Rhavina installed the Corporate Machine which i'd brought along. Turns out that you can play it without the disk in the drive, which is good, cause i was worried that i might be deprived of the ability to play it :)

Left their apartment about 11:30, and drove west back towards my apartment, passed my apartment, and went another 30 miles to the rave. I think i will do that in a seperate post.


So, got there at about 1am. It didn't seem like a very sterotypical rave, more like a club that was playing techno music and had ravers at it. Of course i don't really know if stereotypical raves really exist, but stereotypical goth clubs do, so...

I just stood around for an hour or so at the begining, just trying to get a feel for the place. I like the music and the dancing, not sure what i think about the really bright colors and all the glow sticks.

There seems to be a great deal of performance art involved at raves, or at least at this one. People with glow sticks or other lighting devices would go up to someone who was sitting down and start waving the their lights in the persons face in various patterns. Sometimes someone else would sit behind the person and give them a backrub while this was going on. (And then there were others just giving people backrubs without the accompanying lights)

I'm not very clear on the whole history of raves thing, but didn't people at some point tend to wear candy bracelets and necklaces? I didn't see anyone with them there, but i saw several people with things that looked vaguely like candy bracelets and necklaces (same bead type structure and colors) but that were made out of flourescent plastic. Did that practice arise all on it's own? Or did it evolve out of the candy necklaces? The candy jewely presumably first arose cause they served a purpose and made a practical statement, even if not a very deep one, because of that purpose. If the plastic ones evolved from the candy, then it eliminates both the purpose and the message, except as a reference to the original. It seems like a total style over substance thing. Of course i may be wrong, and i almost definitely am overanalyzing it too much :)

Towards the end of the night while i was sitting and resting for awhile i saw a couple who were apparently very well outfited. The girl was sitting between the guy's legs while he rubbed her back. After awile she pulled a vibrator^H^H^H^H^H^H^H massager out of her backpack and handed it to him and he started using it to rub her. It looked like a massager, but every so often it would tend to wander to areas that don't normally get massaged, at least not in public :) After a little while more the girl pulled out a little thing with spinning flashing lights and started staring into it.

I'm really not sure why everyone is so obsessed with the light thing.

Along with the couple with the vibrator, a lot of the light performances and backrubs seemed to evolve into generic fondling. I saw security flashing their light at one couple where the guy had both hand under the girls shirt and his face against her chest, while she seemed to be nibbling on his neck or something. That was a fairly extreme case though, and security didn't seem to care about most of the fondling going on.

I bought a pair of glowsticks and sat back in against a wall and tried playing with them some. About half the stuff people were doing was really easy. The other half i could do the motions, but couldn't get the rythem or timing right. Despite this some other guy who was sitting back there resting said that i was "really great" *boggle*

Speaking of bogglement, i have never been randomly offered drugs. (I have been offered drugs exactly once, and it wasn't really random) However after last night i have now been _asked_ where the drugs are :) I can't figure out what vibes i gave off that gave someone the impression that i might know were to get them :)

Couple other people said words in passing to me, but i didn't really get a sense of what they were saying. I have enough trouble hearing people over background noise in normal circumstances, much less a club, and i seem to be bad at lip reading. Even when i hear the actual words, or at least something close to them, i don't parse them correctly.

For example, the guy who said i gave a good performace asked me if i was from around here. I told him i was from Pomona, and asked about him. He said he was from San Diego. I said wow, long drive. He said, are you rolling? That just confused me, so i paused a second or two, and shook my head. Rolling? As in heading out? Or did he mean something else? Did i mishear/misunderstand him, or did he misunderstand me?

Since i tend to get easily embaresed when i can't follow a conversation, my tendency is to just nod or shake my head as seems appropriate when i start losing track of things and let the conversation die.

The people who organized the event also lied about the schedules! They said that there would be five rooms, but i could only find four. I liked the hardcore and happy hardcore sections. However the happy hardcore section suffered from over DJing, and not enough trebble (? everything other than bass) volume. Hearing the main line of the song was difficult, so unless you recognized the bass line you often wouldn't know what the song was. And that was made more difficult because the DJ kept fiddling with the music in the way DJs do, chopping it up, changing the speed and balance, etc.

They also said in the schedule that it would run till 6:30, but they shut the place down at 5:30 :(

Afterwards, as usual, there were big groups of people milling around outside afterwards talking, and i heard several of the groups making plans to all go to denny's together. I didn't know anyone and hadn't gotton to know anyone really, so i was totally alone.

And also as usual, there were lots of cute girls there, and none of them paid any attention to me.

But those are pretty much par for the course, and other than that, despite the muddled music, it was lots of fun.

Now i should try to get back to sleep if i can manage it, but for some reason i'm feeling wide awake after my two or three hour nap.
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I've lost five pounds in the past few days!

*sigh* suppose that means i should try to avoid eating too much today so i don't get it all right back.
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