August 16th, 2002


Good morning

That game is evile!

I did a couple of chores yesterday, paying off bills, drainoing the clogged up bathtub, didn't manage to look for apartment or go get tickets for the rave on saturday. Tried to make a hotel reservation for the wedding, but the people weren't answering.

I'd made plans with Allyn to go see a movie in the evening, and she IMed me a little before six and said she was ready to go, so i took a quick shower (though the lingering draino smell made me a bit woozy :) and headed over.

We went out to Pasadena to see "Full Frontal." It was strange. Without giving too much away (not that i can imagine that too many people would want to go see it based on this review :) it was a movie about some people who had made a movie, and it alternated between shots of the movie they had made, and the people themselves after the movie had finished.

Only problem was that as far as i could tell, the inner movie didn't really have much of anything to do directly with the outer movie. There's also a "secret twist" type thing at the end. However unlike Sixth Sense or Playing by Heart, this twist doesn't make you say "oh!" in a suprised but understanding voice, it makes you say "what?" in a confused what the hell was that supposed to mean voice. At least that was my reaction.

After that we went down to old town Pasadena. Allyn wanted to go to a resturant she liked, however when we got there, the sign said that it was open "Mon - Fri: 10 - Close" with similar listings for saturday and sunday, also saying "- Close." We thought that was a pretty stupid sign, so we went in, and they told us they were closed. (There were pleanty of people still eating, but they weren't seating anyone else)

We mentioned their confusing sign to the waitress person, and she said that they had to have the sign like that cause they closed at different times on different days. This sounded strange, so we pressed her on it. Well aparently monday through thursday they closed at 10, but friday they closed at midnight. Allyn and i just kind of shook our heads in befudlement and left. How friggin hard is it to make a sign that says that? There are resturants that list their hours indvidually day by day, Mon - Thu and three seperate listings for friday saturday and sundar isn't that hard!. And really the closing time is the most important time to know. If you're not sure of the opening and get there a little early, it's easy to find a way to kill time for an hour or two before they open.

So we went down the street a block and went to the Cheescake Factory instead. There was a ten or twenty minute wait, but other than that things went kind of fast. However by the time were done with dinner Allyn decided that we really didn't have time for cheesecake (she had work early the next morning)

I drove Allyn home, and she said we could go to lunch together the next day. I went home and started playing the Corporate Machine. I kept getting my ass kicked at normal difficulty, and thought about going to bed at 5:30 or so. Then i read the manual a little more thuroughly, got some ideas of how to do better, and played for several more hours. I don't remember exactly what time i got to bed.

My alarm went off at 1ish, but i snoozed it to death, and finally got out of bed about 7pm, which although i'm not totally sure when i got to sleep, is significantly more than 8 hours.

Don't remember Allyn calling about lunch at all though :(

Stupid marketing

Lay's has a really yummy new flavor of chips out called "California Cool Dill" it's got sour cream and dill flavor! Yum!

Only thing is, i'm scared to like it too much. Six or twelve months ago Doritos had a yummy new flavor. It was some variant of sour cream (ah, did a web search, it's "sonic sour cream," not the icky "zesty sour cream" flavor they've got now)

However turns out that it was just a promotional flavor or something, either that or it failed it's marketing test, cause after a month or two it disapeared never to be seen again :(

I'm afraid that the same thing will happen with this flavor of chips too.
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