August 15th, 2002


Time suck!

I got home late last night, had been talking to people to IM, and copying files to my laptop since it would be my last chance at that for a week and a half.

I stopped at the store on the way home, and got snacks and stuff for my vacation :)

So i probably got home pretty close to midnight all told. Gwri was using the PS2, so i decided to install The Corporate Machine on my laptop. I'd picked it up during my shopping spree last weekend. It's a PC game that had been marked down to $2.99 :) The store guy said he wasn't sure, but he thought that before the markdown it was about $10.

So i started playing it a little after midnight, and kinda got totally sucked in :) About the time i looked up, it was past 4.

I went to sleep and got up at about 1pm. I'm now wondering when the last time i ate was. I had lunch at about 3:15 yesterday, but i can't remember anything else i've eaten since then. I must have eaten _something_ and forgotten about it though. You can't go 24 hours and not realize you haven't eaten anything, right?