August 14th, 2002



Got home about 9:45 or 10 last night after getting sucked into more bomberman at work.

I thought about burning some more disks, but i don't like the pens i've got. I talked to Vanora, and i'm going to try and get some of the same pens that she used.

I went to bed about 2am (after a short nap on the couch) but didn't go to sleep right away. I started reading, and wasn't really feeling tired.

Normally i would just make myself go to sleep, but since today was the last day before my vacation starts i decided not to bother. For awhile i wondered if i would get any sleep at all, but finally at about 7am i fell asleep naturally.

Played some more Bomberman at work today. After all was said and done i came in at 6th place in the tournament. Since there were 16 people in it i'm slightly over the 50th percentile. I got a PS2 game for (first place was a gameboy advance) however by the time it got down to 6th there was only crappy stuff left. The last game left was Resident Evil Code Veronica, but they guy in charge of the tournament said he could get me Onimusha instead. That sounded more my style (though i've got only a hazy idea what it's about) so i took that option.

Oh, and got that bloody flat on my car fixed finally when i took it in for an oil change.