August 11th, 2002


Busy busy

Finished up the PAL version of the game on friday, or at least this revision, we'll see how it goes with QA.

I was kind of suprised, though certainly happy, when Vanora started talking to me on IRC in the middle of the day. I was even more suprised when Shawkial told me that Vanora had come over to visit and play with computer stuff. So needless to say i had a lot of motivation to finish up as quickly as possible.

Left work about 7:30. and got home a little after 8. Vanora had brought her laptop over and was using my wireless router to test out her wireless card. Or rather she had tested it by verifying that the two communicated, and the proceded to just screw around on the net :)

I got my laptop too, and Vanora tried to help me figure out my Divx problem, and after we spent awhile failing at that, we watched some Cowboy Bebop. She decided that she was tired about 2:30. I stayed up till 5:30 talking to people online and reading the latest Greg Bear book, which i wasn't really impressed by.

I woke up fairly early, at least fairly early for having gotten to bed at 5:30. Sometime between 10 and noon i crawled out of bed. Played a little Bomberman, and then took a shower.

We started discussing lunch, and then Vanora and i took one more stab at fixing the crashing Divx problem, and fixed it! I can watch divx movies now!!! :)

After watching Final Fantasy Unlimited episode 1 as a "test" :) we headed out for lunch. We were debating who was going go to which places, i wanted to go to the mall, Shawkial wanted to go to Best Buy, but we eventually decided to all go to both places so that we could just use one car.

We went to Togo's, and saw that there was a Red Cross bus there doing blood donations. Shawkial wanted to donate blood, but we decied to get lunch first. Too bad Togo's was closed =P Shawkial decided to go donate blood right away, since she'd had breakfast earlier. The rest of us meandered around indecisevely for a bit, but then decided to go to Wendy's. Gwri ordered some food for Shawkial, and when he finished eating decided to go tell Shawkial where we were.

Shawkial showed up, but Gwri had apparently decided to donate to. I figured that as long as we were going to be delayed i might as well too. Then while i was filling out the form Vanora showed up and decided that she might as well join the club, even though she'd never donated before.

Despite Gwri having a ten or fifteen minute start, i almost finished before he did :) I felt a little light headed, probably cause i'd just eaten a lot of food fifteen or twenty minutes before and all the blood had rushed to my stomach, but other than that i had the usual post donation energy boost.

We decided to go to Best Buy first. I went around and took some notes on prices of stuff, various DVDs and video games. I wanted to get some CDRs to burn data on, but they didn't have any of the really good priced ones. Vanora said that she'd heard something about a sale tomorrow, so i decided i'd come back then. And then we waited. And waited. Shawkial had decided to get a notebook. But first she had to get financing. And then they didn't have the notebook. Then they were looking for other stores with the notebook. We spent over an hour and a half waiting for everything to be straightened out. By the time we got out of there we'd decided that the mall was probably closed, so Shawkial dropped the rest of us off at the apartment before driving to the store they'd said had one of the notebook she wanted in stock.

Vanora and i started messing around with our respective laptops again, and Gwri went off and was reading something i think. Shortly after Shawkial got home with her new laptop Morna showed up online.

She said that Bricriu was away and she wanted to know if i was interested in dinner. I was a little torn, but i'd spent all day with Vanora, i hadn't seen Morna in a really long time, and Morna was actually interested in seeing me. Vanora pretty much only seems interested in visiting her sister. So i decided to have dinner with Morna, told everyone i was heading out, and started driving to her place.

About halfway there i started being paranoid, i was originally just going to go up and knock on the door, but then i worried that Bricriu might get home early and would be annoyed to see me if i just showed up at the door, so i pondered calling up on my cell phone when i got there. About 30 seconds or a minute later my cell phone started ringing. When i answered it it was Morna, and she said that Bricriu had gotten home early so she couldn't go out. I kinda felt like i had jinxed myself =/

I wasn't really than hungry so i didn't feel like getting food, but since i was out anyway i decided to stop by Borders, which Morna and i had been planing to do after eating.

I had a desire to buy all the hardbacks i'd been wanting to read for the past few months, but i managed to beat some sense into myself and just got one of them, "Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heat" by Jane Lindskold. I also got several paperabacks and two trade paperbacks. The last two were expensive, but one was a collection of stories by Vernor Vinge, and the second was a medium long story by Vernor Vinger along with lots of essays people had written about that story.

After buying those i headed home and hung out with Vanora and Shawkial and Gwri some more.
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Stupid people

As far as i can tell, these people are both annoying _and_ wrong.

"But Fein and Schneider say they do believe it is up to a man to pursue a woman, and that women who break The Rules -- by being too forward, too available and too honest -- invariably end up getting dumped, and getting hurt."

""The fallout is greater. ... Men will e-mail 25 girls in a night, so if you do get a guy who answers your ad, seems to like you, and you go on a date and never hear from him again, just chalk it up to experience."

Or perhaps they should chalk it up to the fact that they're "playing hard to get" and therefore only resonding to people who send _them_ messages, which would tend to result in a high percentage of men who are emailing as many people as possible in an attempt to score!

If they want to meet someone who they'll have long term potential with then they should go out and look for people who seem to fit those criteria as best as they can judge!

This is especially true when you consider that about half of the women on personals sites have really sparse descriptions in their ads. If no one can tell much about what type of person you are, pretty much the _only_ think you're going to get is the trawlers! I at least took the time to try and do a fairly descriptive ad. Maybe if you took a look at it you might decide that you're interested in at least sending me a message!

Of course not everyone who sends out messages to lots of people is in it just for the sex. Although i certainly wouldn't necessarily turn down an offer of just sex, i'm mostly looking for a long term relationship. However whenever i do decide to go through the personals sites i'll usually answer ten or fifteen ads at a time, not because i'm hoping for ten offers of sex, but because i know that i need to send out that many messages to have even a slight hope of just one of those people responding!

I don't know if it's cause the women are playing so hard to get, or cause i'm just plain undersireable, but in either case the women certainly don't need _more_ encouragement to be reclusive!

I am just totally unable to get beyond the disparity between what these people say the problems of the readers are, and the actual results of the advice that they suggest as a solution to the problem.
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Feeling hollow and lonely and useless today.

I keep feeling that perfection is lurking out there somewhere, and i'll keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye, but it will quickly stick it's tongue out at me and run and hide again.

What is it that is missing? What is it that i'm not doing right?
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It's really annoying to try and type with a bandage on your middle finger. And you can't use a touch pad at all with them.

Just took the bandage off, and my finger still hurts a little.

They _used_ to get the test drop of blood from your ear lobe. It didn't hurt as much, it wasn't akward and annoying after the fact. Why the hell did they stop doing that?