August 7th, 2002



For anyone who's interested, the stuff i got while i was at the Con.

Sluggy 4 & 6, both signed by Pete, and Ozy and Millie 3.

The guy running the booth said that there might be some Sluugy 5's hidden away in boxes that hadn't unpacked yet, so i went back on Sunday, but he hadn't been able to find any. He had found Ozy and Millie 1 & 2 though :)

I got Love Hina 1 and Chobits 1, just cause they're from Tokyopop in the "new" back to front format :)

We went around the corner to a place that had a lot of toys. I got two Rurouni Kenshin figures, Kamiya Kaoru and Sagara Sanosuke. I'm annoyed that Kaoru comes with a broom and not any waepons =P They also had a Kenshin figure as well, but that was $20 as opposed to the others which were $6 each. Of course given how much money i spent overall maybe i should have just gone ahead and bought it. Anyone know of any good online anime stores where i might be able to order one?

Then we went to the place of death :) Actually, it was the same place i got the Tokyopop manga, but the second time around we got back into the japanese import stuff. Bad mistake :) First think i stumbled accross was Xenogears Perfect Works. Got that. Then Gloyryn found a "Spirited Away" pencil board which i got (it's the new Miyazaki movie, whose real name i don't remember)

Then I found "Final Fantasy Complete Works I though VI Vol. 1" parts 1 and 2. Why they have part one and part two of volume one i'm not sure :) I also got a booklet of Final Fantasy IX postcards. Then i found what would probably be most succinctly described as the Xenogears Graphic Novel. It has screen shots from throughout the game accompianied by the entire script of the game! Now if only i could read it :)

I made one more purchase after that. We went to a manga booth that had managed to get seperated on the other side of the floor form the big cluster of anime and manga booths. Along with manga, they also had lots of toys, including a FF VIII Bahamut :) That place didn't accept credit cards unfortunatly. Gloyryn offered to loan me some money, but then i remembered that i had an emergency twenty stashed away in my wallet (the total price was $35, and i was $5 short till i found that)
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