July 19th, 2002



Almost got boston girl to come visit next weekend. We stumbled accross an incredibly cheap flight from Boston to here that even had good departure and arrival times.

Unfortunatly she already had plans for that weekend. A friend of hers is going to be moving away soon and she wanted to spend time with her while she still can.

Stupid gremlins, they giveth with one hand, and run away laughing and tormenting you with the other. Or something like that.
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I am far too much of a geek

So i was looking at the Smurf Name Generator that trysha showed to me.

It seems that what it does is total up the letters in your full name by the formula a =1, b = 2, c = 3, etc, and then use that to do a lookup in a list. (A space counts as one)

It seems after a little experimentation that there are 90 possible names. They start repeating at jjjjjjjjja.

So, cause i'm silly and do things like this from time to time here are all the possible names :)

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