July 3rd, 2002



I was going to go home last night, really.

But i was a little slow getting my last task done, and then about 3 or 4am i stumbled accross a major bug that was totally fubaring the L R and Z keys for the GameCube controller. The only other person in the building at the time happened to be the other coworker of mine who works mostly on the GameCube, so we poked away at the problem, and by 6am we had it mostly fixed.

And i still had me last task to get done at that point =P

Now today i finally recreated the texture problem that has been bugging me for the past week or so, but the guy responsible for that area of the code who told me to come get him if i recreated it is currently in a meeting with some potential investors. So i'm sitting here doing nothing with my system paused at the problem point.


More Pledge stuff


Must restrain urge to kill

The best part is ""I think the point here is that this is a way for them to all understand what it means to be an American," he said."

Yeah, to be corced into making oaths of loyalty they might not want to make and profess belief in a diety they may not believe in or may not like very much, you fucking fascist!

*tries to calm down*

"The bill's sponsor, Democratic Sen. Ted House..." And you can go die and rot in hell you fucking traitor!!!

Um, yeah, calming down, calming down
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