June 22nd, 2002


Last Night

Got home at about 3am last night. I wanted to get up and come into work early today cause i have clubbing plans for tonight.

So i decided to crash on the couch again and set an alarm for 9. One of the nice things about sleeping on the couch is that Cassie is more likely to come play with me :) I forget if cassie was sitting on my when i woke up or if she sat on me as soon as i hit snooze for the first time. In either case took me quite awhile to get up between hitting snooze and petting cassie and playing fetch with her.

By the time i actually got up and finished taking a shower it was a little after 11.

I was planing to head out of here at five, but it doesn't look like i'll make that. If i can finish everything up by seven i'll only b an hour late. Rhavina wants me to give her some quick lessons in driving a stickshift, which is why i'm trying to get there before the normal 10ish time.