June 20th, 2002



No, not the game.

Apparently there was a very near miss last week.

The article says that it was a "is a lightweight among asteroids and incapable of causing damage on a global scale." Well that depends, what happens if it were to hit in a paranoid trigger happy country with nukes and an easy to blame/jump to conclusions target? Like say India or Pakistan. Or what about China? They weren't so happy with us aiming our nukes at them and might jump to some conclusions of their own.

And then of course there's America. I can just imagine the headlines.

"A terrorist asteroid struck New York City on Friday June 14th. President Bush, in accordance with his policy that "those who harbor terrorists will be treated like terrorists," has declared war on Mother Nature. Immediate retaliatory drilling will begin in Alaska, soon to be followed by strip-mining and clear cutting action in areas yet to be named. He has also placed a bill before congress to rollback emissions standards to 1965 levels."