June 7th, 2002


Traffic Season

Left work at about 2am last night.

Couldn't get on the freeway cause the ramp was closed, so i had to take the southbound, get off two exits later and turn around again. Which of course meant that i got to go back past the construction on the 55 that had caused the ramp to be closed. The construction _also_ caused the onramp from the 55 to the 5 to be blocked. The sign said i could get off at the street that i'd tried to get on at before for a detour, but i'd just come from there, hadn't seen any obvious signs, and didn't feel like geting diverted again anyways, so i continued on north on the 55.

There was yet more construction on the 55 too (i presume the earlier construction on the 5, since where the ramp was blocked off there was nothing going on on the 55 side) and then i got past it and went west on the 91 to get back to the 57 and my normal route.

The 91 was actually clear, probably because i don't normally take it, and the construction was clearly planed to inconvenience me ;) There was construction for a fair bit of the 57, and then when i got to the 10 there was the normal construction on that too. But there was no construction at the bottom of the offramp like there normally is, so at least something was going my way =)
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