May 27th, 2002


One more turn-itis

So i got home from clubbing about 2:30 last night. Shawkial and Gwri were still up when i got back, watching the cut scenes from Jay and SIlent Bob Strike Back. Apparently they went on a DVD buying/rental spree.

About 3 or 3:30 i staretd copying files from the computer at home to my laptop. The most important thing i wanted to get off of there was the latest patch for Civ3 =)

So then when i finished copying about 4, I had to try it out of course =)

So i started out playing the Babylonians, cause i wanted to try a cultural victory. Started off next to the Zulu, which did not bode well, but they've been pretty peacefull. Of course they're in awe of my culture and i've been gobbling up their peripheral cities =)

The Americans actually turned out to be the annoying ones, with their stupid expansionistic ways, so now I'm going to try agressively culture bombing them =)

So about 7 am i decided that perhaps i should consider breaking off the ongoing "hostilities" with the americans and actually go to bed =) Managed to fall asleep sometime between 7:30 and 8:00, and got up at about 10:30.

So i get to work today, what fun, but our boss and our producer are having a Iron Chefesque BBQ cookoff, so there should be good food at least =)
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Biiiiig BBQ

So our boss and our producer did their BBQ cookoff for lunch. There was a _lot_ of food, at least when you consider that there were only about 20 or so people there.

I had two different kinds of carne asada, a hamburger, a hot dog, chips and salsa and guacamole, a couple of cookies, several slices of avacoda, and a corn on the cob. Is soooo full! =)

Everyone stood around outside and talked about how unusual it was to be out in the sun, and nitpicked AotC a lot =)
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Argh! *throtle corporation!* Anime ranting

Central Park Media press release from Animazement

"The CPM studio rep reconfirmed that the company has the rights to episodes 14-26 of Utena, not just the Black Rose Saga as sometimes reported. Release of the Black Rose Saga, however, is expected by the end of the year, and in his words, it will "make anyone who wasted money on an R2 DVD realize they wasted money." "

By the end of the _year_?? The second Rose Collection came out last year! Why does it take you more than a bloody year to translate these things? Perhaps if Americans learned to _read_ we could dispese with this whole dubbing idiocy which is presumably driving up prices and delaying releases!

And yeah, the people who bought the R2 version wasted their money, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY"VE ALREADY GOTTEN TO SEE IT UNLIKE THE REST OF US YOU FUCKHEADS!!!!

And then there's FUNimation.

Why in god's name are there _two_ different companies with the licensing rights to DBZ????

Pioneer has had a boxed set of the dubbed DBZ first season out for _ages_. FUNimation doesn't have one for the subtitled versions. It doesn't have any announced plans for it. My email to them about it got ignored. I hate them. I want them to die. Oh, and their website is a piece of crap too.
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