May 25th, 2002



Smart donaithnen decided _not_ to take the 10 E on the way home from work today, before Memorial Day weekend =)
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I have a computer now!

After adding in the waranty policy and tax and the extra dodads i bought, it all came out to $1750.

So the interesting thing is, the receipt says "open box product without a UPC will not qualify for a rebate," however they gave me the rebate forms anyway, and there's a piece of cardboard taped to the back of the computer that looks like it might be the UPC.

Would it be bad of me to try and send it in and get another $300 off? =)

I suppose if that _was_ the actual UPC, and i were to talk them completly literally, then this is not an "open box product without a UPC" =)
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