May 23rd, 2002


Dear lord

the office is dead today.

Everyone else is apparently at E3, because there are five of us here in the upstairs office, down from the normal.25 or so =)
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Aggravating computer stuff

So about two weeks ago i tried to buy a Vaio FXA48 at Best Buy, but they didn't have any in stock so they gave me a rain check.

So after checking back about twice over the following week with no results, i finally started looking for the computer through other sources, and ended up trying to order a really cheap FXA49 from Fry's.

However it turns out that they were indeed out, and canceled my order. I don't know if that's the same thing as the "releasing" of my order that happened earlier.

Yesterday i tried calling two Fry's and three different Best Buys and they all said that A: they didn't have and A48s or A49s, and B: they were discontinued, so there wouldn't ever be anymore.

Since the entire office was empty today because of E3 i decided to head home early and stop by Fry's and see what computers they actually had on site. When i left at about 7:30 there was one other person there =)

I looked at the Fry's computers, and they had the computer that Vanora had bought, they also had the new Vaio FXA53. The A53 is pretty much the same as the A49, excpet it costs $50 more, is 100 Mhz faster, has 256 megs less memory, and a 1" smaller screen.

I got out of there about 8:15, and decided that i might as well stop by Best Buy again. I got there about 8:45. All the people were busy, so i went to look at the laptop section. The A48 spot was still empty, but there was an A49 on display, and the price was down to $1499, only $50 more than the super low Fry's price.

After waiting about 15 minutes i finally got someone to talk to me. They said they didn't have and FXA48s or A49s in stock, so i asked him about the display model. He said that he wasn't authorized to sell it, and i'd have to talk to the manager. The manager is going to be there from 8 to 4 tomorrow, although they don't open till 10, so i'll end up being late to work. However i am going to go in there and raise high holy hell until they give me the bloody display model, and since it is the display model they damn well better give me a discount on it, not to mention the fact that i've been waiting for them to restock for the past two weeks.
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