May 16th, 2002


Cell phones, pants, and star wars

I actually used the clip for my cell phone today. For some reason this pair of pants is pretty tight, which is strange, beacuase they've got a 34" waist. I've got lots of 32" pants that fit just fine, but these ones must have shrunk in the wash more than the others or something.

The clip thing is kind of bulky and akward. It's almost an inch thick, almost as thick as the cellphone itself. So while wearing it i've got this big lump attached to my waist. I started out with it on one of the side loops, but then i banged it against the tv this morning while walking around my desk, so i moved it forward to the same loop i keep my watch on. I'm considering just getting rid of the thing and putting it back in my pocket, whether it fits very well there or not.

In about an hour we're all going to head off to see Star Wars. Our boss got tickets for the digital theatre at the Irvine Spectrum, so hopefully that will be cool. The digital theatre that is, the reports of star wars itself haven't been so hot. Last i checked it was at 61% on *checks again* oops, it's down to 59% now, ie a rotten tomato instead of a fresh one =)