May 15th, 2002



Left work at about 1am. Was driving home and a commercial came on, "Look outside the window right now," i'm staring out the windshield if that counts, and whatever you're going to say next, i bet you're wrong, "it's a braight and sunny california day" yup, i was right. The commercial then went on to talk about some weight loss stuff and swimsuits or something, i mostly drowned it out.

I was going about 80 or 90 as i approached a batch of cars, and noticed the one in the rear suddenly slow down. That aroused my suspicions, so as i approached i took a closer look.

Sure enoughm the car in front was a cop. I started slowing down. It turned out to be a Sherrif. I have no idea if they can give you speeding tickets, but i wasn't going to risk it. However i'd clearly approached from behind rather rapidly, and i didn't want to suddenly slow down and go slower than the cop, cause that might look suspicious.

I ended up going about 76, just slightly faster than the cop, and about the same speed as a couple other people. I passed the cop, but then either they sped up, or i slowed down, because they stayed a little bit behind me at a variable distance for awhile. We went through the 60 interchange, and while on the 60 i passed a slower car. The cop moved into the lane behind me to go around the car. The cop was rather close behind me now, so as we transitioned to the 57 again i moved over a lane, hoping that the cop would go by me, but kept going the same speed cause i didn't want it to look like i wanted the cop to go by me.

The cop started pulling past me a little bit later, and as he drew even all of the sudden there was a really bright light from my left. I jerked my head around to look instinctively even though i knew it had to be the cop. I was expecting the sirens to start up at any second and for me to get pulled over and given a ticket for something or other, but just as i got my head turned all the way around the light, which was bright white, went out, and the cop continued passing me by.

Geez, do they _like_ to torture you and put your nerves on edge? Didn't somebody say their dad was a cop or something? What _was_ that for?

Other than the miscelaneous construction i ran into on the way home, requiring a detour, the rest of the trip home was uneventfull, although even with the detour and slowing down cause of the cop i'm not sure why it's an hour or more after i left work.


Got to bed at about 3 last night. Got up at about 8:15 because i had an apointment to go talk to some insurance people in San Bernadino about the accident a friend of mine had at a club a year or so ago.

I got started late and ended up getting there at about 9:20. The guy asked mea lot of questions and recorded the answers for about 20 minutes. He gave me a buisness card as i left because one of the people who was there hadn't contacted him, and he wanted me to see if i could get ahold of them.

As i walked out of the office there was a cute girl standing in the recption area. She actually smiled at me as i walked past. I was trying ot pull out my wallet so i could put the buisness card away and it hooked on my comb which fell out. She picked up the comb and handed it to me, and if i was an intelligent person i would have thought of something more to say to her than "thanks," but i'm not.

Did a complicated little zigzagy drive after that to get to work. I stopped by Burger King on the way to work, but i only had $3 in my wallet, so all i could get was a whopper. I still got into work about fifteen minutes early despite everything. Of course i'd rather have gotten more than five horus of sleep.

(Edit: Cute firls? I don't know _what_ you're talking about! =)
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The walkman cd player i bought when i first got to college has just about finished falling apart. The cd player itself began having some problems a year or two ago, however every time i took it apart and put it back together again it would work for awhile longer.

About two or three months ago even that stopped working. I may try taking it apart again and fiddling with it more than usual, but i suspect that even if that works it won't work for long.

I kept using the headphones though, i have them plugged into my computer since i don't have speakers here, and even if i did i wouldn't want to annoy everyone else with my music. (At Westwood i had speakers, but had an office mate so i used them there too)

Now the foam on the left earphone has disintigrated. About a week ago i noticed it getting thin and starting to tear along the top, and after that it progressed pretty quickly. Today i finally tore the rest of the foam off because the tattered remnants were getting in the way more than doing any good.

Guess i need to get a new one.

I remember walking to Target the first week or two of my freshman year at college and buying it and my first couple of Rush CDs. (It was a long walk, especially since i was new to the area and got started going down the wrong street and ended up going the wrong way for awhile before i figured it out) I didn't really bother with buying music until i got to college. Always just settled for listening to the radio. I'd heard some Rush before then and knew i liked it but hadn't gotten around getting any of it yet. One of the many things i'd been waiting for college to do.
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