April 25th, 2002


Some days you just can't win

I woke up in a really confused state this morning. I hadn't actually intended to go to bed last night, i just kind of fell asleep while reading, and then to compound issues i woke up in the middle of a dream.

So i was feeling kind of crappy and tired when i got on the 10, and then realized that a cop had just gotten on ahead of me. He was in the right lane, so i thought about moving over two or three lanes and just go buy him, but i figured i felt crappy, so there was no good reason to tempt fate, so better safe than sorry.

I stayed in the second lane, going about 60, and slowly passed him. Then, just after i'd gone by, another car pulled inbetween me and the car and front of me, and the cop moved over into the same lane behind me.

I didn't really want to be tailgating this car that had just cut in front of me while i was being followed by a cop, but i didn't want to start braking rightin front of the cop. So i tapped the brakes, and slowed down a little bit, but i didn't want to get too close to the cop and call attention to myself. So after a minute or so, the cop moved over a lane, and i figured, yay, he's gotten tired of me being slow and is going to go around, but then as he went past the cop got on his bullhorn thing and said something along the lines of "stop following so closely" *grwols*

At least he ddin't decide to give me a ticket or something =P Next time i'm just going to move over a couple lanes and go past quickly. The odds of getting a ticket when i'm going 75 like everyone else are pretty low anyways.

A little while later i heard a car commercial on the radio, where some lady was talking about how she was looking at some new cars by these people, and then the foil asked her "Any interest in them?" and she respons, "Not according to the finance guy." People's whose brains are working probably figured out what they meant, but my first thought was, "You talked to the finance guy and found out how much they cost and now you're not interested in them anymore? That sounds like a dumb idea for a commercial!" =)
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I went rollerblading!

I remembered to put them in the car this morning, and i decided to go get some lunch!

At first i was going to go to Burger King, which is about a mile away, but it only took me seven minutes to get there, so i decided to go to the Del Taco instead, which is about 1.8 miles away. However there are a _lot_ of intersections along the way, and i spent so much time waiting for lights that i may not do that again. There's a Del Taco the other way that's only a mile away.

On the way there my feet were hurting, but they stopped hurting on the way back, and then my right hip started hurting. I'm just not in shape for roller blading anymore =( Need to practice more often! =)

Of course i probably didn't burn off as much fat as was in the stuff i got at Del Taco, but oh well =P
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