April 24th, 2002


Damn i'm stupid =)

So i took a shower last night, and got out about 11:00. I decided to read some of the Laurell K. Hamilton book while i waited for my hair to dry some. (Okay, that was just an excuse =)

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News of the obvious =)

Lucas admits Star Wars 'let down'
Wow, he admited it. So what does "no silly characters or kids" mean for Jar Jar? One suggestion happily offered up by a coworker was that he can be the helpless innocent that Anakin slaughters to prove that he has truly become evil =)

The problem with internet news, look away for too long and the articles change out from under you. The original title was "Gates: Penalties may hurt Windows" but the current one is almsot as good: Gates: Penalties would hamper Windows

With the subline "States: Gates interpretation of antitrust penalties is extreme." How about "Gates has correctly interpreted the meaning of 'penalty'" instead? =)


Oh, the one "good" think from rearanging large piles of stuff in my room, i found my scale again!

I'm up to 192 pounds at the moment =(

Did dig my rollerblades out. Maybe if i can find some socks and remember to put them in my car tomorrow i'd have more incentive to get out of the office for lunch.
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Well as long as they're not going to have _any_ coments _whatsoever_, i'm glad that they at least gave these functions descriptive names.

Like Object_TrackObject, and Object_TrackToObject.

What the FUCK is the difference between those two?

Oh, i see! One calls Object_TrackDirection, the other calls Object_TrackToDirection. I'm _so_ glad we cleared that up.

Those functions actually do have comments. Well, a comment. The same comment for both of them, go copy paste! The comment, appearing in the middle of the function after one line, is "not sure why this is needed."

*resists urge to go throtle someone*
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