April 21st, 2002



Vanora came over to visit this weekend. Or rather she came over to help Shawkial with wedding dress shopping, but decided to stay for awhile afterwards.

I got home at about 8:30 and found Vanora and Shawkial and Gwri there. They said they were just starting dinner, so i ran off and took a shower since i hadn't taken one in the morning.

When i got out Shawkial had finished making some coffee cake and Vanora was just starting to make some yummy rice stuff. Shawkial and Gwri had started a movie they'd rented called "The Truth About Jane." *sigh* very depressing movie. Well, it is if you focus on the depressing parts =)

We ate the yummy dinner stuff, and then started watching some anime. We started out with Night Walker, something i'd picked up on her recomendation, and ate coffee cake while we watched it.

I gave her a backrub, and is usually she barely seemed to realize it was going on =/ After a few minutes she wasn't doing or saying anything to indicate that she liked the backrub or not, so i asked her if i should keep rubbing or stop, and she shrugged, and then pointed at her shoulders. Either that meant that she preffered to have her shoulders rubbed or i am just completly clueless, so i started rubbing her shoulders instead. She didn't make any sound or other signs though, appreciative or not. She didn't say anything or do anything when i finished. I don't understand.

How can someone not know if they like a backrub or not? I can imagine someone being to shy or something to ask for one, or to ask someone to stop if they started giving you one, but if someone asks if they should continue giving you a backrub, how hard is it to say yes or no??? I wish i knew what she was thinking.

About 12:30 or 1:00 we finished off the first disk off the first disk of Night Walker. Gwri and Shawkial had already gone to bed a bit earlier, so i gave Vanora a blanket to use on the couch and went to bed. I offered to take the couch and let her sue the bed as usual, and as usual she said she didn't care.

I woke up around 10 or 10:30, and Vanora was already awake. We watched all four of the Vampire Princess Miyu OAV episodes, and then i had to leave for work. Vanora decided to let me drive her back since otherwise she would have had to convince Shawkial to get up and drive her later.

Vanora said that she needs to go DVD shopping, and i offerend to drive her around to do so if she wanted, so maybe i'll get to see her again next weekend.
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