April 10th, 2002



Just watched the last episode of Cowboy Bebop. God that was depressing.

I can kind of understand how Spike feels though.
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Good morning

After watching the end of Cowboy Bebop last night shawkial came out from the bedroom and suggested that we should watch some more Fushigi Yugi. I stupidly let her convince me =)

We finished off the first season at about 3:30 in the morning. I had an apointment to take my car in for an oil change in the morning so i got up about 7:30 *thump*

However it turns out to be good that i got up that early in the morning, cause KLOS had an interview with Geddy Lee! =)

I read X/1999 Prelude and some of the Cultural Traditions of Japan book while i was waiting for the oil change. Don't seem to have enough time for reading anymore =/

When i got into work i skimed through CNN, and it seems that the X-box is tanking in Japan! Woohoo! =)

Microsoft will just end up buying the lead in the games industry anyway, but it's nice that they're running into at least a few stumbling blocks.

Randomness, revolution, and spoilers for the AMG Movie

I woke up this morning and had a sore throat. It wasn't hurting at all before i went to bed, stupid sleep =P

Shawkial and Gwri and i watched the AMG movie monday night. It was well done, but i was annoyed by some of the plot.

One god says he's tired of seeing people suffer and wants to help them. Another god and a human, the first beings to apparently have found "true love" in recent gods' memories (implied the first ever) argues that the beings of earth want things to stay the way there are.

Hello? Do the rest of us get to have any say in this? Perhaps maybe those of us who haven't found magical happiness?

Of course Beldandy argues that what Celestin is doing will have horrible repurcusions, but she's really hazy on exactly what those horrible repurcusions will be and why they'll happen.

So we end up with Celesting trying use the power of love to bring the world revolution, trying to grant all beings happiness, and Beldandy using the power of music to try and preserve the status quo against the forces of change, trying to allow people to keep on suffering.

I know that Beldandy is defined to be right just cause she's one of the protagonists, but could we maybe have had a little more evidence provided as to _why_ she was right?

Oh, and to finish it off, Celestin has the obligatory change of heart at the end because Beldandy and Keichi are truly in love. Well that's great for them, but weren't you supposed to be trying to help the rest of us too?

And the establishment wins, go omnipotent powers that think mortals need to live with suffering.

It's not so much that they're necessarily _wrong_, i just don't like being expected to take it as a matter of faith. =) If it was shown that Celestin ahd gone insane and started spouting things like "Once i've destroyed the world no one will suffer anymore!" along with the obligatory evil laughter or something like that it would have been easy to swallow.