April 9th, 2002


Stupid head

I woke up this morning and my brain was hurting, and hasn't really stopped yet =P

It feels like there are little jacks on the inside of my skull perssing my brain inward =/

And i got to go home early yesterday, shouldn't getting to relax for a little bit make me feel better?

Whee! Time off!

Got this in email a while earlier from my boss, addressed to everyone on our team:


We have been working very hard and there is much work to be done still. We will continue to work hard through this Friday. We are all getting tired and cranky so this weekend and Monday will be a no work 3 days. Please take this time to decompress and spend time doing things you like to do. This time off is not optional.

Thank you for your understanding,"

It will be nice to get saturday and sunday off, but i don't really see the point in getting monday off too. Guess i can stay home all day and play FF9. Everyone i'd want to hang out with is either not interested or busy on mondays or both.

New playlist

To try to keep my mind on work, meaning not quite as many romantic depressing songs =) Well okay, there are some depressing songs here, but they mostly have hard music along with them, so hopefully i can deal.

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