April 8th, 2002


Why aren't i tired?

Got into work at about 4, and didn't do too much for the first hour or so. However eventually my boss had a few small things for me to fix up before the burn, so it wasn't a waste going in.

I was originally intending to go at about 8:30, but the build was still going and they hadn't been able to test my changes yet. The build finished. Changes were good. I left about 9:00.

Got to Sarisa (the Mage campaign GM) and Rhavina's (his girlfriend) place about 9:50, but that was okay because Rhavina was off with some friends that were going to come along and hadn't gotten back yet.

When Rhavina and co. got back we all got dressed, except for Sarisa who couldn't go because he has to get up for work at 6 in the morning =/ Titania couldn't make it this week either cause she was feeling sick =(

Clubbing was kind of mediocre. Wasn't feeling particularly happy or particularly angry. Lots of really cute girls there but seeing them didn't make me feel incredibly depressed like usual. There were slightly less scantily clad people there than normal, and slightly more cute asian girls than normal, and quite a bit more people making out on the dance floor than usual.

There was one really cute girl who was short and allyn shaped and had dark brown crinkly hair, wearing black cargo pants and a black tank top. She seemed to spend most of her time with one guy though, and although i didn't notice them making out, they spent a lot of time dancing really damn close.

Rhavina had kind of mixed feelings throughout the night due to complicated past history stuff with the two friends who came along. (Said two friends just recently started dating) She ended up coming into the back room to avoid them, and started dancing with me since i was back there too. Apparently she has a slightly different idea of personal space than i do, at least when the other person is an attractive friend who's polysaturated. She kept drifting towards me and i would back off a little and she would drift towards me again. After about six or seven songs we'd gone most of the way around the dance floor.

Strange event for the evening, at one point a girl walked up to me, put her hand on my shoulder, gave me a really strange look for about a second or two, and then turned around and walked away. Rhavina and i just looked at each other and shrugged and then kept dancing.

God damn!

The whole _point_ of SourceSafe is so that we can all work on the _same_ stuff at the _same_ time.

I'll admit that the project file is a _bit_ less friendly to changes, but we're smart people, we can handle it!

I can not count the number of times someone has come up and asked if i can check in or undo my checkout on some file because they want to make some changes, more often than not one of the project files.

This _never_ happened at my old company. We all presumed that our coworkers were smart enough to be able to merge changes without breaking everything. And you know, the great majority of the time there was no problem whatsoever.

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