March 18th, 2002


I have a permenant account!

See, good things do come to those who stay up way too late =)

Thank you thank you thank you leora!!!!!!! She posted a link about the permenant accounts being available =)

I was playing FF9 at about 3 in the morning when Shawkial started asking Gwri if he had a paypal account. Since his account wasn't working anymore, she asked me if she coudl borrow my paypal account to buy a permenant LJ account, which got my attention of course =)

The accounts are $100 to the first 200 people who apply or until the end of the month, at

I don't know what the balance is between the high price (equivalent to 4 years of paid account they said) and the fact that there's only 200 of them to go among 100,000+ users, so who knows how long they'll last.

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This morning i used the cool new conditioner that i bought yesterday, it made my hair all nice and soft and happy =) *purrrrs more*

Well it's not really new, i just haven't had any of it for a long time, but now i do! *happies*
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I forgot the bag of Trader Joe's stuff at home today =( Oh well, i can just buy things out of the vending machine today, but that means eating a snickers instead of a balance bar =P
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