February 25th, 2002


Stuff and things

I forgot to mention before that when i went into the store to buy Final Fantasy 9, they had two copies sitting at the counter, one in the original packaging, one with the ugly "greatest hits" or whatever it is across the front of the box. I'm not sure why they had them up there, but i'm guessing that they were redoing the prices on the old boxes, because they gave me the cool one and when they rang it up it was 29.99, just like the ugly one =)

Clubbing was fun, there was a girl there had a body type very close to Allyn's, but who had black hair. I spent some time beforehand at Titania's friend's apartment while we waited for her to get back from a rehersal. We talked about video games and RPGs and stuff. They want me to join their Mage campaign!!! *bounce!* When Titania got back she said that she was too tired, and that we should go clubbing without her =( So we went, and then had dinner at denny's again afterwards.

I got home at about four, and decided that it would be silly to go to bed. I wanted to make it to work early so i could leave early. So i finished up "In the Country of the Blind" and then started playing FF9. I left for work at about 6:15, and got on the highway about 6:30 after getting some gas and getting breakfast at Del Taco. Got to work at about 7:30 cause of traffic, but it could have been worse.

Now i just need to stay awake for about eight or nine more hours.

More silly tests =)


You are restricted. Well done, you're now
practically adult in nature, and plus, you
get to see nudity - have fun.

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
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