February 24th, 2002


I have a new watch!!!!

I went by the mall today to buy a copy of FF9.

Since i was going to the mall, of course i parked outside of Robinsons May and went in through there to see if Morna was at work. She wasn't, but i figured as long as i was there i might as well go by the watch department and see if they had any of the kind of watch i wanted.

They had the old one that had the messed up digital display, but they had another one! Well, i thought it was another one. Actually, it was the same, except that it had _more buttons_!

This one has the analog hours and minutes, and the weird curvey digital seconds taking up most of the face, just like my old watch. However in little tiny numbers under the seconds it also has the hour and minutes digitally! And it has a stopwatch! And it has an alarm! And the digital hour and minutes can be either 12 or 24 hour time!!!! *bounce bounce bounce!*

It's soooo cool! Of course i bought it =) I'm also going to be sure to take it off before i go clubbing tonight, don't want this one to get hurt *cuddles the watch*

Interestingly enough, the joints on this one seem to be a lot stiffer so that it wouldn't be as prone to the same accident as my last watch got involved with, but i'm still not going to risk it =)

After that i went by hot topic and bought two new t-shirts, and went to Babbage's and bought FF9 and a PSX memory card. I wanted to get a PS2 memory card too, but they were out. The people there recognized me because they remembered me working at Westwood. I told them i'm working at Point of View now, and they wanted to hear about what i've been working on. You know, it's too bad that there are virtually no cute girls working at video game stores, that would have been a much easier way to pick someone up =)
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More tests

I am _not_ Canadian apparently. Only about 44%.

However, apparently "pop" is what they call soft drinks in canada, at least the part of canada that this test writer was from. That would work in well with the geographic theory of soft drink names, since Washington has all kinds of Canadian influences.

Of course some of the questions are kind of biased. Life "NFL or CFL" I'm sorry, i'd rather not watch football at all. However if someone was going to force me at gunpoint to watch football i might as well watch some from the same country i'm in. Or the questions about beer, Like i know _anything_ about any kind of beer, american or canadian.

And as long as we're at it....

(Both of these were from [Bad username: huushiita>) <p align=]</p>

Which Lion King Character Are You?

Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

# 1 Nala
# 2 Mufasa
# 3 Older Simba
# 4 Pumba
# 5 Timon
# 6 Young Simba
# 7 Scar
# 8 Zazu
# 9 Rafiki
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