February 11th, 2002



I _was_ writing in my live journal the following:

*bounce* I just got an optical mouse! My normal mouse got soemthing stuck in the gears (i'm guessing) so that it would frequently get stuck at a certain point while i was trying to move the mouse to the left. I asked the IT guy for a screwdriver so i could take it apart and try to fix it, and he said that he'd just give me an optical mouse instead =)

And then the power went out. Not a typical california rolling blackout, just our office in this particular building. It's back up now (duh =) but i haven't heard what the problem was.

So i left to have lunch, which i will write more about later.


Sigh, don't know if i should be happy or sad or angry or what.

I milled around with everybody else for a little bit after the power went out. Apparnetly most of the other people have backup power supplies, so i should go talk to the IT guy about that at some point.

However after about 10 minutes of that i decided to go get some lunch.

I went to In-N-Out and found that it was very crowded. From what i overhead some other people saying, apparently today is Lincon's birthday and a lot of schools got the day off.

After eating lunch i decided to go to a bookstore for a little bit since i had no idea how long it would take them to get the power back on and i'd spent well less than an hour eating.

After driving around the mall for a bit i found a Barnes and Nobles bookstore.

I went to the science fiction section, and there was a really cure girl sitting on the floor reading one of the books. She had long straight black hair, and was wearing glasses and jeans and a t-shirt type thing and had black boots on.

After looking at the shelves for five or ten minutes i managed to work up the courage to ask her what she was reading. I was a Mercedes Lackey novel, so i asked if she's read the rest in that series/universe, and she quietly answered that she'd read most of them. I made a couple of comments about the books, some of which she quietly and (as far as i could tell) disinterestedly responded to..

So i felt more and more akward trying to come up with stuff to say, so after about a half dozen sentences i just trailed off.

But at least i tried, that's supposed to be worth something, right? Last time i'll do that for awhile i think. =P

On the plus side, i found a remake (rewrite?) of Michael Flynn's "In the Country of the Blind" that's removed a lot of the inconsitencies of the old version (which was apparently compiled together from a couple of short stories) and added an essay at the end. This is a really really _really_ cool book, and the only copy i have as a falling apart paperback that i got at a library book sale.

Unfortunatly it was also only in hardback, but i decided that it was so cool that i wanted to get it anyway. That and that i decided that if i was going to talk to this girl then at least if i was holding a book of my own she would have the opportunity to ask me about it if she wanted an excuse to keep talking.
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A Theory

Not so much a new theory as evidence to back up an old theory.

I was looking through the only personals site that i use frequently and have an account on. I did the broadest search categories i could for my area and just started going through them one at a time.

There were indeed girls who seemed geeky and interesting and cute and into science fiction or video games or anime. And they were all 19 or 20.

Clearly these girls exist, however by the time they get to my age they're either involved with someone, or been made very aware of their own worth and know that they don't need to bother with something like personals.
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